Company History

FAMCO started operating in 1991 when Ken Scott realized there was a need for a reliable and dependable fire alarm company in the Philadelphia area. Expanding off of his history in electrical work and his extensive knowledge of low voltage security systems, he rapidly built a loyal customer base throughout the area.

In 1992, Ken became NICET Level IV certified in Fire Alarm Systems. NICET is the industry standard for the fire alarm industry, and Level IV is the highest level of certification that can be achieved. Ken was the 56th in the world to receive the distinction of NICET Level 4.

Demand for FAMCOs services was so large, Ken quickly found the need to hire his own employees. His son Dave started working for him soon after graduating from high school in 1998. Under Ken’s close watch, Dave learned the numerous skills required to be a competent and proficient fire alarm technician.Ken and Dave Standing By Van

As demand grew for a dedicated person to field phone calls and coordinate administrative tasks, Ken’s wife Rosita also joined the FAMCO team in 2000.

FAMCO rented a small office inside of an old mill building in Lenni, Pennsylvania. Rosita worked in this office while Ken, Dave and team of several technicians looked after the needs of our customers.

In 2001, Ken started working in the office full-time. Dave soon joined him in 2003.

With the company continuing to expand, FAMCO had developed the need for somebody knowledgeable in AutoCAD software. Ken’s other son, Jeff, graduated from technical school in 2004 and had experience with AutoCAD during both high school and technical school. In 2004, Jeff started working at FAMCO part-time helping to lay out fire alarm systems. The demand for this grew as business expanded and Jeff soon found himself working in this role full time.

By 2007, FAMCO had grown to a staff of over 20 people and was working in a space that was undersized and overcrowded. That office in the old mill just wasn’t large enough anymore. So, in the Fall of 2007 FAMCO moved to our current office on Baltimore Avenue in Clifton Heights, Pennsylvania.

After many years of hard work, Ken and Rosita are beginning to transition into retirement as Dave and Jeff are running the daily operations of the business.

Thanks to our hundreds of loyal customers, our talented employees and a lot of hard work along the way, FAMCO has evolved into the knowledgeable and reliable company that you know today.

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